Saturday, November 20, 2010

The remains of the day...

After a dreary Spring, the sting of sunburn is a stranger.

The accompanying drowsiness is proving problematic this evening as I try to motivate myself to clear up the remains of todays garage sale. 

I've so far counted my takings twice, eaten 3 rows of Cadbury Dairy Milk and downloaded the new Girl Talk album. Bored of that procrastination I decided to embark on some brand new non-cleaning activities so I started this blog that my sister and I discussed starting today.
She doesn't know that I'm doing this yet but when I tell her I've just forged ahead and done it without her, I'm sure she'll be fine with it. Rash decision making is my forte, so I'm sure she's used to it by now.

I like the idea of having a place, if you can count a blog as a place, to share all sorts of things about our lives. 

Only weeks away from leaving Melbourne behind for the bright lights of New York, New York (and shortly afterward the dimmer lights of New Paltz, New York) I'm worried about how I will be without my sister. 
For some time now I've suspected that my sister is in fact the love of my life and if films like Love Actually have taught me anything, it's that you are supposed to stay by your true love's side irrespective of pragmatism or geography.
But in very un-filmic fashion I'm rushing off overseas for the year.

I will miss her and the million myriad things she does in ways that nobody else can; whipping up haute cuisine that appeals to three year olds, saving the world one Bokashi bucket load at a time and raising her beautiful family in the most beautiful fashion.

Now I've gone and gotten all soppy so I'm obliged to put up a picture of baby Gus that I took today to counter any cynicism that might have been created.

It's alright, I also just said "Aww!"

I should get back to the cleaning, sorting and packing ahead of me. The sooner this is done, the sooner I can move all my remaining worldly goods (all 3 bags full!) to my brother's apartment and flop on his couch for the night with the remains of my Dairy Milk.

Lovely blogging to you!
x K