Monday, July 4, 2011

Gulp: Worst bloggers anywhere, ever

A shoe-in for this award I thinks ...
So a short err 4 months has rushed by.  Somehow this is my first attempt infront of our clunky old desktop where there are no awake children, the internet is working, and the job I came to do (check family assistance claim) took waaaayyy less time than I thought.  So with no content in mind, ignoring all my drafts Ive been busy concocting from my iphone (gee that burns my thumb-pad) I am writing. Just to say hi.  And to say we are all so excited to see you in six short months.  But mostly to update some pictures.  So without further padding on the chance that Owen is going to wake up vomiting again shortly (we have just washed 2 changes of bedding, beanbag, pillow and various stuffed animals) ..... here are our family in a few pics.
And do check out our (well, mine so far) Pinterest which has been sustaining my short attention span in bed nursing Gus most nights. If you can get past the awful spelling and the overload of wedding "inspiration" you may find some love.  Or not.  
And Andy wants to know if you'll be at Coney Island to see Kobiachi (?sp) in the hot-dog-eating contest?  I think it was the second reason he would consider getting on a plane for 2 days with 2 children < three years.
Owen being Elton-esque.  He still loves putting on a good concert. He is really into Justine Clarke and often comments on her good singing and guitar playing ability.  Dinosaur Roar is on repeat.  
Mama is so clever: she made a fancy new dressing gown from that material bought 2-years ago but was forbidden to cut.  And I made dragon slippers for both Owen and Gus.  Both chuffed.  
Shit. Busted hanging out on the dog's bed, removing the oh-so-gorgeous (but very effective) bubblewrap window insulation
This is a self-portrait from Owen.  He is thoroughly "in to" borrowing cameras and pointing and shooting.  Which I find hilarious seeing he is THE most reluctant subject.  Well 2nd most reluctant subject!  I will update a whole series of these as they are quite telling!

Asleep, together, in the big bed.  It still sometimes happens.  This (I think) was a few weeks ago when Andy was out and they both miraculously fell asleep before 7.30.  About ten minutes later one thumped the other and there were tears all around.  But the peace and beauty is lovely while it lasts!

This is a highlight of Owen's creativity.  Window crayons remain winners. These (with the exception of Andy's dodgy batman) are under-sea creatures.  See if you can spot the whale, fish, moray eel, manta ray?
Gummy Gus playing peek-a-boo with red material at the table.  That gum has continued to swell, split and recede for the past 2 weeks.  He will have top teeth any day, any day.
Hilarious classic Gus face.  This usually means there is a bad smell (often in his own nappy). Or that something tastes bad.  Or I have done something that meets disapproval.   

Forgive me my slackness.  I won't promise to do better, though perhaps now with a deadline??? I work well under pressure.

Also must discuss - lonely chicken version 2 for gifts this year?  I'm thinking yes.  Will workshop with you soon xxxxxxx
Love you to pieces

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