Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'd like to thank my family and God and...

I must agree, we are bad bloggers!
Our loyal followers (pause... the sound of cicadas chirping) don't even know I am living in Brooklyn! That's right, I'm living on the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy border which means I have an organic fruit store AND authentic gang violence located conveniently at my doorstep!
There is also a Chinese take-out place downstairs that serves some very interesting fish;

The apartment is pretty amazing though. See? Look at pictures - they're worth a thousand words, so maybe also make up for slacko blogging;

Messy but very functional kitchen

This is my sleeping pod with desk and bookshelf below; both also messy, but very functional

Inside the sleeping pod; sheet, quilt and pyjamas all kicked to the end of the bed because it's been getting so hot at night. Cosy!

Little shelves and some books I am reading because I'm soo intellectual
I am working for a company called, which is passing the time and earning me money and also possibly sparking a Dr Pepper habit since they have a fridge full of it for staff to help themselves to. Earning money is probably the highlight because it means I can do things like make plans to travel across the US. This is my proposed trip, although I'm still not sure if I'll fly or catch the train from LA to Dallas;

Can you believe I made this myself and I'm not even a graphic designer???

Other exciting things of late; I went on a road trip with my friends Cristina and Andrea;

to visit Hayley in Burlington, Vermont
Sunset over Lake Champlain
While we were there we went to the drive-in and Hayley and I ate corndogs!

I have also had some people from back home visit me. First it was Laura, whom I'm friends with from working at MTC, and her cousin Dan;

Then Sarah, who I became friends with through working at MTC, and her friend Glenda;

And then Michael B, who I also worked with at MTC (thanks MTC for providing me with jet-setting friends!);

And of course there have still been my ongoing adventures in supermarket shopping;

I broke out in a rash just seeing this in the supermarket aisle

Well at least it's cholesterol free!
The other big thing that has been taking up oodles of my time is trying to work out what you and I could do, dear sister, so that we could work together again, like in the good old days at Eurosite, except hopefully more fun and rewarding and maybe somewhere with natural light.
So far my best idea is an Alice in Wonderland themed cafe for adults that serves fancy tea in fancy teacups (I wonder if we know anyone who owns enough teacups to supply a cafe?), dainty, organic cucumber sandwiches and delicious treats (we could pull all the recipes off Pinterest - looking on the internet will be part of our job description!!!) There would also be an area for children to eat and play which is where Gus and Owen could play all day, so we'd get to see them too, all the time. Mum would be involved in the fit-out (i.e. she would contribute teapots, teacups and all her Alice ephemera, where it could be displayed beautifully) and I'm sure she would love to do something like Alice in Wonderland story readings every week. And because Mum would be involved, Dad could be our financial backer.
I think we would call it Curiouser & Curiouser.
It's just a thought.
Tell me yours.

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